Museum of Design Holon

The Museum of Design Holon designed by Ron Arad
The spectacular structure built from unique elements harmoniously integrated with each other, such as five winding Corten steel belts that undulate and encircle most of the building’s facades; a display hall with a unique ceiling designed to let natural light in; an upside-down dome at the entrance to the building; a store made from HPL boards, and other special elements.
During construction—after many experiments both in the factory and on the site itself, in cooperation with experts in various areas of materials and construction—the engineering team dealt with various issues and gave successful solutions for the construction of unique engineering elements.
Upon completion, the building received much acclaim from all over the world.
Entrepreneur: The Holon Economic Company
Architect: Ron Arad
Supervision: Waxman Govrin - בניית אתרים